The Omega Institute

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June 8-10 2018

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Ready to take charge of your financial life?

Omega Women’s Leadership Center faculty, Manisha Thakor, demystifies the basics of personal finance and helps women increase financial fluency.

Leadership requires thoughtful choices in a variety of areas—including money. Yet financial acumen is a skill in which most women have received little, if any, education.

During this uplifting course, we increase our fluency and comfort with how money impacts our personal lives.

Using a holistic, spirit-centered approach we learn about:

  • Personal finance—the key elements of healthy spending, saving and budgeting, and debt management.
  • Investing—demystifying this vital activity with clear guidance on the how, what, and where of investing.
  • Money and relationships—financial topics to discuss with romantic partners, adult children, elderly parents, and financial professionals.


Through lectures, solo exercises, and group sharing, this lively workshop teaches us how to create the financial life we want. We gain a sense of calm and confidence about the role of money in our lives.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]