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Inspiring, Unique Financial Wellbeing Experiences

The most effective education where profound mindset changes start to unfold in real timefrequently happens when we step outside our busy daily lives. It’s in a relaxed, nurturing environment that many women are finally able to exhale and focus on creating a relationship with money that’s in alignment with their deepest values. For this reason, I love teaching about financial wellbeing at unique destination learning venues such as destination spas and wellbeing oriented retreat centers.

  • During these unique destination learning experiences, I traditionally offer multiple teaching sessions, which take place over a few days between guests’ spa treatments, nature walks, meditation sessions, etc.
  • In general, my content focuses on the classic spiritual philosophy of ‘Be, Do, Have’ (in this order) as a way to help participants find calm, confidence, and clarity in their financial lives.
  • This philosophy is the opposite of how society encourages us to live. Cultural norms tell us to  DO something to make more money, which will enable us to HAVE more things, and hopefully, these things will make us BE more happy. Alas, this journey all too often leads simply to repetitive misery.
  • By contrast, students leave my educational sessions with a solid roadmap for understanding how identifying the person you want to BE, combined with learning a few essential financial lessons about what to DO with your money, will lead you to HAVE financial wellbeing.
  • It has been said that money is rarely about money. I agree. From a holistic standpoint, one can argue that money comes into our lives because we – or someone near and dear to us – have worked to acquire it. Said differently, life energy has been exchanged for that money. Therefore, the act of spending money is akin to spending life energy. Developing a joy-based approach to spending – one that is in alignment with your deepest values and uplifting experiences – is the ultimate takeaway from my destination learning programs.

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