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In general, my presentations are focused on the three themes outlined below. That said, every event is unique! As such, each keynote is customized to meet the specific needs of your audience. We can mix and match from the topics below or add in other topics related to financial health and emotional wealth to create the ideal content for your event. 

“Manisha inspires, energizes and uplifts audiences with her authentic, warm – and, yes, brilliant financial insights.”
-Laura Smith, event planner
The Secret to Finding Your “Enough”

Target Audience: Ambitious professionals seeking to increase their financial health and emotional wealth.

In a world that increasingly tells us the answer to virtually any problem that ails us is to do more, have more, be more — it’s all too easy to believe that the amount of money you earn, accomplishments you achieve, or praise you receive is never enough. That you are never enough. In this enlightening and thought-provoking keynote, Manisha provides a fresh, powerful antidote to this destructive mindset and roadmap to creating a life that makes your heart sing – maximizing both personal and professional pursuits. Attendees will learn:

  • Five simple words that can turbo-charge your professional and personal wellbeing.
  • Four (surprising!) factors that drive us toward a Never Enough mindset.
  • Three powerful actions you can take right now to start building a more vibrant life today.
Investing Made Simple

Target audience: Women of any age who want to learn the essentials of investing.

On the surface, investing can seem remarkably complex. Full of acronyms, jargon, conflicting opinions and voluminous choices for investment vehicles, it’s enough to make any rational person’s head spin. However, in reality there are only five things you need to know about your investment portfolio that will drive the vast majority of your long-run financial success. In this fun, upbeat, no-nonsense presentation audiences will learn: 

  • A clear cut way to understand and select your desired investment strategy. 
  • A powerful framework for setting your asset allocation between stocks, bonds, and cash at different stages of your life.
  • The vital importance of knowing: your all-in fees, the difference between a fiduciary and a suitability standard, and how to find a trust-worthy investment advisor.

Can I Afford To Retire?

Target Audience: Professional women wishing to develop a clear understanding of the financial roadmap to retirement.

Years ago, people retired at the age of 65, and if they had the good fortune, might live in retirement for another five to ten years. With today’s longer lifespans, it’s entirely possible to live in retirement for more years than you worked.  That means, for each year you work, your income has to cover both current living expenses plus the ability to potentially fund an entire year in retirement! Due to the widespread lack of formal financial education, the vast majority of Americans have never calculated how much money they need to be able to retire. Audiences will leave this presentation with: 

  • A clear understanding of how to calculate a retirement portfolio size that will support their desired level of spending in retirement.
  • How much to target saving each year to reach that number given the inevitable variations of long-run investment returns and levels of inflation.
  • Which types of accounts and investments can help create truly golden years.

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