Manisha’s Core Speaking Topics

MoneyZen: The Art & Craft of Financial Well-Being

For so many of us the mere thought of dealing with our personal finances is enough to make us cringe. Imagine what life would feel like if the opposite were true – if each time you thought of your money you felt deep calm, clarity and confidence! That is the goal of this talk. When women embrace financial well-being as part of their definition of overall well-being, magical things start happening for her, her family, and her community. Audiences will learn why personal finance is a source of stress for so many (even those with “plenty”), a powerful rule of thumb to engage in healthy spending going forward, and a unique tool call “joy-based spending” to help you squeeze more happiness out of each dollar you spend.

The Five Things Every Woman Should Know About Her Investment Portfolio

Investing on the surface can seem remarkably complex. In reality there are 5 things to know about your investment portfolio that will drive the vast majority of your financial success. In this surprisingly fun and easy to understand presentation audiences will learn: the importance of fees, the two main types of investment philosophies, a powerful framework for asset allocation (choosing the mix of investments in your portfolio), the importance of simplicity when it comes to “diversification”, and how to find an investment advisor who you feel you can truly trust.

Can I Afford To Retire?

Studies show the vast majorities of Americans have never tried to calculate how much money they need to save in order to support themselves in retirement.  At the same time studies also show that those who have the highest odds of being able to successfully, joyfully retire are those who have either worked through this exercise on their own or with the help of a financial professional.  As a result many people just put this dry (and potentially dreary!) topic on the back burner.  Audiences in this lecture will do the opposite. They will leave with a clear understanding of the various pieces that go into answering this question and concrete action plan to understand how to get the answer to this question for their specific circumstances.

Custom talks on a variety of personal finance & investing topics are also available

At present I only do two types of speaking, large keynote events – ideally for women’s professional organizations and select non-profit events focused on women and/or girls. If interested in seeing whether I’m a fit for your event, please contact me at Manisha [at] or 713-927-3627.

Past Speaking Audiences

Administrative Professionals Conference | Orlando, FL
American Society of Women Plastic Surgeons | Chicago, IL
The Atlanta Women’s Network | Atlanta, GA
Citadel Investments | Chicago IL
CFA Society of New Mexico | Albuquerque, NM
Daya, One Voice Against Domestic Violence | Houston, TX
Ellevate Network | New York, NY
Entrepreneurs Organization | Portland, OR
Girl’s Inc. | Westchester, NY
Go Girl Finance | New York, NY
Harvard-Radcliffe University | Cambridge, MA
NACUBO Women’s Leadership Institute | Amelia Island, FL
Savvy Ladies | New York, NY

S.H.E. Summit  | New York, NY
Society of Women Engineers | Portland, OR
Idaho Smart Women Smart Money | Boise, ID
IMCA Annual Conference | Orlando, FL
Institute of Integrative Nutrition | Miami FL
The Omega Institute | Rhinebeck, NY
Pennsylvania Conference for Women | Philadelphia, PA
Texas Conference for Women | Austin, TX
TIAA-CREF | Washington, DC
University of North Carolina | Chapel Hill, NC
Watermark Women’s Lead On Conference | Santa Clara, CA Wellesley College | Wellesley, MA
Women, Action and Media | New York, NY

Past Corporate Spokesperson Clients