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Manisha Thakor

We do not need more financial information. We need financial wisdom to help us redefine our relationship to money and create lives in alignment with our deepest values. I call this... MoneyZen

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When a woman incorporates financial well-being into her overall definition of personal well-being, a whole new world of possibilities and choices opens up for her. For this reason I am passionately committed to helping as many women as possible “own your finances & own your life.”

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For HNW Women & Families

Are you looking for a “financial general physician” –  someone trusted to advise you on all aspects of your financial well-being?  If so, I’d love to introduce you to Brighton Jones, a firm I’m proud to work for as Vice President of Financial Education. At Brighton Jones we provide a comprehensive set of financial planning and investment advisory services for high net worth individuals and households seeking a Personal CFO.  If this fits your situation, click here to learn more.

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