Corporate Engagements

An Experienced Brand Ambassador and Consultant
Offering Creative, Custom Collaborations

Whether it’s a new product launch or raising awareness of your existing services, I’d love to help! Over the past fifteen years, I’ve worked with a wide array of organizations as a brand ambassador, corporate spokesperson, and strategic consultant. While no two engagements are ever the same, here is a sampling of the kind of activities I’ve done in the past to help organizations like yours deliver a tailored message: 

  • Serving as an expert resource for targeted multi-media placements
  • Conducting satellite media tours encompassing TV, radio, and podcasts
  • Speaking at product launches, external client events, or inhouse all-hands meetings
  • Creating custom content such as articles, blog posts, podcast episodes 
  • Consulting with market research teams around personal finance initiatives aimed at women

Past Corporate Clients Include:


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