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2019 dates TBD

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Money is a topic that causes stress and worry in households across the globe. It doesn’t have to be this way! Many people think they must “do” something complex with their personal finances in order “have” enough money to “be” happy. In spiritual circles this framework is called “Do, Have, Be.” This mindset frequently leads to overwhelm, confusion, and anxiety. By contrast, practitioners of the MoneyZen philosophy operate from a place of “Be, Do, Have.” They have tapped into the age-old secret of being in alignment with their money (a.k.a. their life’s energy and authentic purpose), which leads to clarity about what to “do” with their lives, in order to arrive at a place where they “have” joy and well-being. This frameworks leads to calm, confidence, and clarity around one’s finances – and increased life happiness overall. In this 3-part program you will learn:

  • A new holistic framework for thinking about money in a mindful, connected, and conscious manner
  • 5 simple steps that drive long-term investment success – powerful choices that you can control
  • Common challenges and solutions encountered on the road to financial well-being


Session #1:  MoneyZen – Increasing Your Financial Calm, Confidence & Clarity

This kick-off talk will provide a broad based overview of the specific steps an individual can take to develop a more harmonious relationship with money in their life – at any age or income level.  Attendees will learn: (1) Why money is a source of stress for so many (even for those with “plenty”) – and how to reduce money stress in your own life, (2) A simple, powerful rule of thumb for healthy spending – and how to apply it joyfully to your life. (3) A holistic definition of money – that can transform your thinking about the role of personal finance in your day-to-day routine.


Session #2: InvestmentZen – The 5 Things To Know About Your Investment Portfolio

Despite the non-stop financial information that flows at us from all manner of media, the vast majority of investors are not getting their fair share of the market’s return in their investment portfolios. In this surprisingly illuminating talk you will learn how simple investing can really be. You will discover how the principals of abundance, flow and harmony can lead to an extremely well-constructed, low-cost, easily-managed, globally diversified portfolio.


Session #3 Financial Kaizen – Simple, Powerful Tips & Tricks for Living Financially-Centered

In this final session we’ll talk about how to use the time-tested principles of “Kaizen” (taking small steps to focus on continual improvement) to live from a financially-centered place no matter what twists and turns life presents to you. We will also dive deeper into “The 50/30/20 Rule” presented in Session #1, talk about Sustainable Investing, and review key question to ask a potential financial advisor (as well as where to find one!) as follow ups to Session #2.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]