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Thank you so much for attending the “Discovering Enough” webinar (or watching the replay!).  

As promised during the presentation, here are links to download the companion Book Club Guide and Reflection Journal. The questions in these documents can be used in a wide variety of ways.

 How Can These Tools Help You?

As you heard in the webinar, tools like Conversation Circles and MoneyQuotient materials have helped practices like yours turn “holistic financial life planning” from an ephemeral concept into a concrete set of actions that can be systematically incorporated into your prospecting, onboarding, and client retention process. 

When I had my own firm, I loved the way clients and prospects would light up and say things like: “No financial advisor has ever asked me these kinds of questions before!” and “It feels wonderful to connect in conversation around money with other women.” Those of you who have already incorporated these tools know just what I’m talking about!

An additional tool for connecting with women on this deeper level is to utilize “fireside chats” with authors to enhance your holistic planning offering. The method I’ve found most effective is a lot like the “Discovering Enough” webinar you just watched! It works like this:

  • An advisor and the author of a topical book collaborate to create a set of questions about the book that will resonate with the advisor’s specific client and/or prospect base.
  • The event can be customized in a variety of ways – often the conversation between the advisor and the author lasts for 30-40 minutes and then is opened up to audience Q&A (virtual or in-person). Attendees are given copies of the book before or after the event, as desired.
  • Going forward you can now send a new prospect the webinar replay link along with a copy of the evergreen book to show how unique your practice is. Or you can host “viewing parties” where participants watch the fireside chat portion of the video – getting to see you in action asking insightful questions – followed by traditional Conversation Circle-type activities.

This formula can be used with authors who are wealth psychologists, executive or life coaches, wellness experts, and so on. Typically, authors do these events in exchange for bulk purchases of their books (at bulk discounts). 

 How Can I Help You?

Going forward, I am dramatically curtailing my public speaking. However, in celebration – and support of – the launch of MoneyZen: The Secret to Finding Your Enough, I’ve decided to do virtual fireside chat events for the first 30 people who contact me and are comfortable with the bulk book buy component. If this is of interest, please reach out to me below.

Here’s to your MoneyZen!


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What the Experts are Saying…

“Why are so many of us unhappy and exhausted? In this honest, provocative, and intelligent book, Manisha delivers a powerful answer: we are devout followers of the cult of never enough. MoneyZen is an essential book for anyone who wants to reimagine their relationship with work and money, create more time for the things that really matter, and live a happier, more meaningful life.” 

Ashley Whillans

Professor, Harvard Business School and author, "Time Smart"

“Manisha has a rare gift for digging beyond the cursory to get to the underlying – often messy – truth about what’s really holding people back from living their best financial and emotional lives. In a world of non-stop comparison that subliminally encourages people to equate their self-worth with their net worth, it is all too easy to fall prey to “never enough” thinking. In MoneyZen, Manisha teaches us how to liberate ourselves from this destructive worldview and create lives rich in financial health and emotional wealth.” 

Jean Chatzky

CEO and Founder, HerMoney Media

“Hiding behind the hungry ghosts of money, fame, and power lies one that is even more subversive: worry. Specifically about whether we have enough or are ourselves enough. Manisha Thakor’s MoneyZen is the perfect prescription to uproot your deepest money fears once and for all. Through vulnerable stories combined with practical strategies Manisha gives us all permission to finally drop our financial self-worth scorecard.”

Jenny Blake

Podcaster and author of "Free Time", "Pivot", and "Life After College"

What Individuals are Saying…

“This book SPEAKS! It’s the kind of book I want to give to colleagues, friends, family, and so many others. As you show, it’s never too late — and never too early — to embrace the MoneyZenmindset. Thank you for delivering something truly special and timeless.” —DH

“Manish, I am halfway through and it is phenomenal. Life-changing, brilliant, important, vulnerable, authentic, impeccably written. I am so proud to know you… Wow — this is absolutely amazing and such an important book. And I love the tone.” —LP

“Jesus, Good Lord, and Wowsa. SO well written — a wealth of different views and voices. Compelling ideas that work in real life. Fresh perspectives. It allows people to exhale. Imagine if this was required reading for everyone as soon as they had mastered this reading level! I do not exaggerate.” —ML