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Empowering primers for a lifetime of financial health and emotional wealth at any age.

As a gift to yourself, a friend, or anyone you care about who seeks a richer life, these books are must-reads!


Free yourself from toxic behaviors around work, money, and success — and find your “enough.” In MoneyZen, Manisha provides a framework for examining and letting go of self-sabotaging “never enough” behaviors, putting you on the path to creating the life you’ve always dreamed of. MoneyZen readers will learn how to:

  • Get off the 24/7 hamster wheel of Hustle Culture
  • Eradicate the soul destroying belief that “Self-worth = Net worth”
  • Implement a new formula for a rich life: “Financial Health + Emotional Wealth”
  • Embrace “Joy-Based Spending” to squeeze maximum happiness out your hard-earned dollars
  • Experience “Achieving Less” as the real path to lasting success

Download the MoneyZen Reflective Journal and Book Club Guide.

“Honest, provocative, and intelligent.… MoneyZen is an essential book for anyone who wants to reimagine their relationship with work and money, create more time for the things that really matter, and live a happier, more meaningful life.”
—Ashley Whillans, Professor at Harvard Business School and Author of Time Smart

On My Own Two Feet

This book is all about demystifying personal finance. Readers leave with actionable, real-world tools to create the financial lives that make their hearts sing! Topics include:

  • What healthy spending REALLY looks like
  • How to manage competing demands on your cash (especially while struggling with credit cards and student loans)
  • How to invest in a way that is extremely powerful yet surprisingly simple
  • How to build and protect your financial reputation 
  • What you need to know about major purchases such as a home or a car
On My Own Two Feet is a must-read for all women who want to own their own destiny. In clear, penetrating prose, Thakor and Kedar guide their readers along the journey to financial security and personal freedom. Whether you are going to run a corporation, a household, or your own extraordinary life, this book is indispensable.”
—Nancy F. Koehn, James E. Robison Professor of
Business Administration, Harvard Business School

Get Financially Naked

Study after study shows that money is one of the top causes of fights in marriages, divorce, and general life stress. The goal of this book is to shine a spotlight on this proverbial pink elephant in the bedroom – money! Readers will learn to understand and manage their money in the context of a relationship. Topics include how to:

  • Begin to discuss this topic with your significant other
  • Discover where you are – and where you are not – financially compatible as a couple
  • Identify the essential components of your household finances for joint review
  • Accurately interpret your current financial condition
  • Move forward using the “five power steps to household financial success”
“A fun, quick read… great insights on how to talk about the most important aspects of money. The more you share, the better your future is bound to be.”
—Financial Samurai