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an on-demand, online course, sign up here

Manisha is excited to team up with Grokker, one of the nations top providers of wellness trainings to corporations – who use them as an employee benefit. Grokker also allows individuals to sign up for subscriptions to their innovative teaching videos.

Manisha has completed a 7-part online course.  Click here to watch a video of Manisha describing why she is so excited about this class & what she hopes it will do for students.

Click here to visit Manisha’s Grokker course page & sign up to participate 

Here are they key 7 financial habits this program will help you master:

(1) Learn How To Live Within Your Means
(2) Budget With The 50/30/20 Rule
(3) Practice Joy-Based Spending
(4) Deal With Debt
(5) Build An Emergency Cash Fund
(6) Save For Retirement
(7) Talk Money With Your Honey[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]