Financial Wellbeing

Want a big picture overview of what you should know about your money to get started on the journey to financial wellbeing? Here are some of my favorite foundational personal finance resources. If you want to dive deeper into specific topics such as budgeting, debt paydown, investing and more… just pop on over to those individual subject pages to find detailed financial wisdom for these components of your overall financial health.


On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance by Manisha Thakor & Sharon Kedar. This book is the equivalent of a college-level personal finance 101 class (and way more fun!) Short and jargon-free, it walks you through the core elements of saving, investing, and protecting your money. After reading you’ll not only understand why personal finance skills are extra important for women too have,you’ll also feel super jazzed about implementing this timeless advice #StartingNow.

The Index Card: Why Personal Finance Doesn’t Have to be Complicated by Helaine Olen & Harold Pollack. This book provides 10 clear and powerful financial rules to live by. The underlying premise is that for each key topic in personal finance, the most vital points can be summarized succinctly on, well, an index card! It’s one of the few personal finance primers where I agree 100% with everything the authors’ say. I like to think of this book as “The Life-Changing Magic of… Simplifying Your Finances.”

On-Demand Courses

If you’re looking for a library of FREE courses on a wide range of topics, visit the website of the non-profit, $avvy Ladies founded by Stacy Francis. For paid interactive courses I highly recommend Jean Chatzky’s FinancialFixx program, Kelly Gushue’s Personal Finance Warrior offerings, as well as the courses from Clever Girl Finance.

Online Resources

Behavior Gap – this website is home base for Carl Richards, the New York Times personal finance columnist known as “The Sketch Guy.” Carl’s underlying premise is that any personal finance advice worth taking should be straight-forward and clear enough to be explained on a cocktail napkin with a sharpie (truly!) His work around money mindsets is phenomenal. I had the privilege of working with Carl at Buckingham Asset Management and he is a gem of a human. Join his email list to receive a weekly sketch. And then subscribe and listen to his podcast. You won’t regret it.

Get Rich Slowly – curated by J.D. Roth, who started writing a blog by this name in 2006 to share his journey of getting out of debt. By implementing the action steps he blogged about, today he is enjoying an early retirement! This website contains fantastic articles on the basics of money (earning, spending, saving, investing) as well as content on a money mindset. This is my favorite go-to recommendation when people ask me for a comprehensive, engaging online personal finance 101 content hub.

Other Financial Wellbeing Books I Love