Financial Consulting

Personal CFO for High Net Worth Women
& Their Families

You are seeking a trust-worthy financial advisor and don’t know where to find one. Or perhaps you already have an advisor but the situation is not as helpful as you had expected. If so, you’re not alone and I can help. 

For a limited number of high net-worth clients I offer Financial Coaching/Consulting services to help you find and receive the kind of holistic long-term financial advisory and wellbeing experience you deserve. I will walk beside you to provide the following types of education so you can finally feel a deep sense of calm, clarity and comprehension when it comes to your money:

  • Describe the various types of services you should be receiving from a future (or current!) advisor
  • Provide you with a customized list of questions to either help you interview prospective advisors or to make the most of your current advisor
  • Help you identify which national and/or boutique firms may be of interest to you – whether you are looking for an advisor for the first time or would like to interview a few new firms to make sure you still like your existing firms. (NOTE: I am an independent educator; I receive no money from any of the firms I may suggest)
  • Explain the logic behind investment decisions your wealth management team is – or should be – making
  • Provide education around the way the stock, bond, commodities, fund-of-funds, venture capital, and private equity investments work

Please note: In this Financial Coaching/Consulting capacity I serve as a Final Educator who partners with you to bring clarity to your financial advisory experience. I do not replace – or act as – your registered investment advisor.

Ready to Get Started?

Typical clients are high net-worth individuals with $2 million to $20 million in assets. My Financial Coaching/Consulting rate is $500/hour. Some clients find two sessions sufficient to address their needs. Other clients have worked with me for twenty or more  sessions. If you’d like to discuss the possibility of working together please schedule a 15-minute virtual chat with me today.