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You deserve a financial advisor who is a solid fit for your needs and personality.  Alas, as I discuss in this short CNBC video from 2016 called “Finding The Right Advisor, It’s Complicated!” – to date that’s not always been an easy task.

At Brighton Jones we’ve changed that. We’ve created a whole new way of working with clients to help them live richer lives – literally and figuratively.  If you’d like to have a brief 30 minute chat to discuss whether our solutions are a fit for your needs, please fill out the below and either I or one of my Brighton Jones colleagues will get back to you with a date and time to speak.

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  • Note: we have a minimum annual fee of $6,000 which means our comprehensive Personal CFO services generally make sense for those with $600,000 or more in investable assets. If this is not a fit for your situation, please visit the Resources page of this website for other advisory options.
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