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January 5-7, 2019

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(note:  2019 registration will open up in fall 2018)

This weekend workshop teaches participants how to find clarity, calm, and confidence around both their big picture and their day-to-day relationship with money.

Students can expect to walk away with these:


  • Joy-based spending: what it is and how to implement in your daily life
  • Investing fundamentals: the 5 key things to know about your investment portfolio
  • Financial fluency: how to identify the specific areas of your financial life that are calling for more TLC



  • “Be, Do, Have” approach to money; versus broader society’s Do, Have, Be siren call
  • “Money is life energy”; spending it mindfully & consciously is honoring that energy
  • “Less is more”; reducing financial complexity and clutter in your life



  • Defining true wealth for yourself: through an examination of your money story, past and present
  • Living from a soul-centered place: looking at your checkbook and your calendar to reveal whether your daily habits are in alignment with your core values
  • Creating your personal money manifesto: identifying what new attitudes and behaviors you want to bring to your financial well-being

Students will walk away with:

  • How to define what “a rich life” means in the context of your personal values & beliefs
  • What specific actions steps are required to move from where you are now to where you want to be financially
  • The basic tactical steps of personal finance and investing